To be the best, fish with the best:

I was a little apprehensive about my first kayak fishing trip, because it was simply something I had never experienced.   All of the anxiety quickly disappeared when I met my guide at Dunedin Causeway.

The guide was Neil Taylor of Strike Three Kayak Fishing and he put all my fears to rest upon my arrival.   Thank God!  As soon as we discussed a few safety tips and I planted my kiester in the kayak, I felt that adrenaline rush like never before.   It was an automatic love at first sight, seeing the abundant water that would be my road to somewhere, my arms and paddle as my guide and my body as my engine was just too COOL!!

We headed out to the channel to go catch some speckled trout and we landed a few beauties and sent them back to their desired destination.   However, if you have never experienced catching a fish while sitting in a kayak, its vastly different and a lot of fun and quite challenging, too.    I was seeking something different from my land based causeway fishing routine and I found true love and oh what a feeling it is to be in love!

Our next stop was in the shallow water in search of Neil’s favorite fish, the redfish.  This guy knows where the fish are and I think he has a thing going on with someone named Moe?   Now don’t get the wrong impression of this retired professional baseball umpire, lady-killer.   Moe is his water buddy, an osprey that sits on the channel marker waiting on his best bud and gets quite disturbed if Neil doesn’t acknowledge his presence.    Finally, we said goodbye to Moe and moved into a school of reds and the day was filled with countless hookups with reds ranging from 20 to 27″.    By the way, he caught all the fish and I found at least 30 ways to lose every fish that hammered my bait.   Now please allow me to explain my excuse…I was having so much fun in the kayak and enjoying the beautiful nature and new found love, I didn’t mind at all that I lost several fish.   So what, I was having a blast.

Neil, Moe and I had a great experience and recommend everyone try kayak fishing, because it is truly an awesome way to get in touch with nature, catch fish and even find new friends.

Go kayaking and enjoy!!!

Bill Carter