This book focuses on the ways I actually fish and the gear I actually use as of the start of 2021. It also includes 65 pages on how I set up my kayak for fishing.

The book is 279 pages long. It has about 275 photos, a few tables, and 30 fishing and gear tip writeups that are set out from the main text in separate boxes.

It is available in two versions. One has color photos and looks really sharp. But the printing cost for color are much higher. The second version uses black and white photos and is less expensive. They both have the same information.Both versions are available on Amazon, which sets their minimum cost ($34.99 for the color version and $17.99 for the black and white version). Go to Amazon and type in “John Veil” (with the quote marks).

If you want a copy of the book signed by me, you can order direct from me and save a few bucks ($25 for the color version and $12 for the black and white — add $4 if you want it mailed in the continental US).

John comes to Florida and does fishing trips all over the state. Around Tampa Bay, Neil Taylor has been his guide for years. His past publications include In the Comfort Zone. Also, Life on the Lecture Circuit.

This is a good read that is very instructional. A look at the content, here are the chapters:

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