A trick for when the fish aren’t biting



As any experienced angler knows: There are days when the fish bite well and days they don’t. That’s mostly due to environmental factors such as water temperature, tidal flow, visibility and time of day. There are tricks that can help you catch fish on tough days. One we use is putting less lines in the water. If fish are acting wary and timid, you don’t want to show them a curtain of fishing lines hanging from the boat. That makes it worse. You might have to draw straws to select who has to stop fishing, but less gear in the water makes the fish less skittish. When fishing with chum and the fish are acting picky, remove all lines from the water and allow the fish to feed freely. Gradually they feed more aggressively, then additional fish appear. When you have as many as you’re going to get in the chum line, put one line in and you’ll get a fish right away. Take turns catching fish with one or two lines. When the bite fades, stop fishing and let them feed. This works for a variety of species.

Ed Walker charters out of Tarpon Springs. He can be contacted at info@lighttacklecharters.com .