January 12, 2011 By Neil Taylor

From the parent company “Seaguar”, there is an option in their fluorocarbon “main line” to consider as an option for your fishing needs. AbrazX is a pure fluorocarbon product that I have put to the test for well over a year.

The applications apply differently for people from cold climates to the “Tropical” applications. In an era where braided lines are found on a lot more saltwater reels, this “middle option” is overlooked. A “mid” option: AbrazX adds the durability of a pure fluorocarbon line but maintaining a “softness” many people like with a monofilament line.

Prior to my own entry into braided line use, the only other option was monofilament line. My initial introduction to fluorocarbon was for “shock leader”, critical to the “fishing game” and was how I came to discover AbrazX. During the 2009 ICAST Event in Orlando, FL the Seaguar team showed me all their products. I saw the name on the label: “AbrazX” and I asked about it. Already sold on the quality of their other products, I was eager to try it.

I have been very pleased with the product and its performance. For me, AbrazX has been valuable for fishing my “ultralight” rod and reel combinations, particularly for speckled trout. Casting distance is comparable to the small-diameter braided lines. AbrazX has a lighter “feel” to it with a little more “give” than the zero-stretch braided lines. This is particularly helpful with speckled trout because of the way they feed, usually mouthing a lure before eating it. But being fluorocarbon instead of monofilament, when a good “hookset” is needed, it has the power to get the job done. (Example: Fish with harder mouths, such as redfish or sheepshead.)

Anglers who live in areas where they encounter icy conditions will not use braided lines in those conditions. The AbrazX is a great option for them. The performance will be excellent in all their conditions, “winter, summer, spring or fall” and as for the durability?

Durability is always something I am eager to test. The direct comparison is between monofilaments I’ve used and AbrazX. AbrazX wins easily in durability. The fluorocarbon element in AbrazX translates to abrasion resistance. It will cut if it hits very sharp objects but it will hold up to contact with other things much better than the monofilament options.

A separate category of durability is “longevity.” With monofilament lines, the line “memory” would cause what I like to call “the twisties” after battling large fish that would pull so hard that the monofilament would stretch out a great deal. After the battle’s done, the line goes back to the original length and it twists closest to the lure and line would need to be removed with a “bad case of the twisties.” Before long after removing a significant amount of line, casting distance would suffer or it would be time to “top off” the spool or to strip the rest of the line off and re-spool it.

With AbrazX, “the twisties” was an unusual occurrence but if it did happen it would usually resolve itself. It would have happened more if those rods and reels were used on redfish, which pull much harder than most speckled trout but dozens of redfish were caught on those outfits. Ultimately: Sixteen months later, two spools on reels that were used often are still intact and usable without adding or re-spooling them.

From the Seaguar.com web site: *As with all 100% Fluorocarbon products, AbrazX is much less visible underwater than monofilament line and virtually invisible to fish. The line is also UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbant, high-density and impervious to cold conditions. Made from 100% Seaguar resins and produced using our proprietary extrusion process, AbrazX is the best-in-class product for abrasion resistance. *

AbrazX is offered in heavier choices (up to 25# test), which may also be useful to you. For the aforementioned “speckled trout” uses on the “light rod and reel”, I have been using four and six-pound AbrazX. Anglers interested in using AbrazX for multi-species outings may want to spool up their medium or medium-heavy outfits with 8, 10 or 12 # AbrazX.

Spare spools come with many of your fishing reels. Buy some Seaguar AbrazX, put it on a spare spool and try it out. It may take you back in time to your old “monofilament days” of yesteryear but with the added benefits of better technology, longevity, durability, the infusion of fluoro/abrasion resistance/”invisibility” and no more “twisties!”

For more information on this product, go to www.seaguar.com
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