By Neil Taylor

My affiliation came about because of the Tsunami fishing reels, a very good development in my business.      They sent me some rods which I wasn’t expecting.    The Air Wave rod had the feel of what I use.    In action, it is a very good fishing rod and does everything I need.    It is also a nice-looking rod.  I mean, very nice looking.  

The company has taken the fishing world by storm.    Their biggest advantage:   Cost.    You can buy two of their products for what you pay for just one of someone else’s.   

From their packaging, the rod is made with high fiber density blanks.    Grade A cork grips.   Fuji graphite reel seats and high standard Fuji aluminum oxide guides.    Well built translates to durability.   Durability means “value.”  

It is very simple.  It is a quality rod.   The hook keeper is good, unlike the last rods I had.    In Performance:  Line control is good with minimal tip wraps.    The line slides right through the guides appropriately.    The components are good, so the rod is good.  

From a personal standpoint:   I really love this rod.    I struggle to hand it to the clients because I want to use it myself.    But I share.    People have positive comments about this rod.    But I like this rod and with my experience, that means they built a good one.  

The named it the Coastal Series.    The rod has a limited warranty.     Well built, the warranty isn’t really going to matter.    If you act correctly.    People are hard on stuff.    I’ve only broken one rod in 25 years.   And that was my fault.    If you don’t slam this rod in car doors, it’s going to last a long time.  

What it comes down to, the rod feels good in hand.   It works.   The reel goes on there and it is ready to catch fish.   Period.    This is a quality product you will enjoy for a very long time.     If you are in the market for new rods, look very closely at this one.    Carbon Shield II is another rod they have that should be in your options.    Both are excellent, excellent fishing rods.  

They make it in a surf rod as well.   “Catapult heavy baits past the breakers with a rod that maximizes casting range and fish-fighting power.  Air Wave Series Surf Rod is designed to maximize its casting range, allowing you to cast heavy baits beyond the breakers. For raw fish-fighting power, the Airwave Surf Rod utilizes high-density fiber blank construction, which also keeps overall weight to a minimum while improving strength and sensitivity.”

Cost:  You are looking at $110 to $150 for the Air Wave.   

Go look at them.   Hold it in your hands and decide for yourself.    I will be using these for a long time.    I stumbled into this:  I needed reels.   Shon got me their rods and this was one of the ones he got to me.    I’m impressed.   The price:  Like their reels, you can get two of them for the price of one of someone else’s product.    It will last forever and it will work great for you.       Enjoy the Tsunami experience. 

My correspondence with Tsunami, I had one suggestion for the rod, but I’m not naming it here.    It is a very minor thing but a change I would like to see.     If they do it, I believe people will like this rod EVEN BETTER.

Neil is the owner of and owner and guide at Strike Three Kayak Fishing.   Neil uses only the best.    Fish with the best, be the best.  

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Book #4 will be Neil’s career as a professional baseball umpire, due out this Fall. 

Neil Taylor

Full time kayak fishing guide, Neil was an advocate for conservation since before the time he started guiding.Outdoor writer, speaker and radio show host, Neil connected closely with Captain Mel Berman and did many positives with Mel to promote ethical angling. After Mel passed away, Neil managed and eventually became that web site’s owner.
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