Silver Salmon Kick-Off Alagnak River Fishing Report

We had a day off and got a little silly.

Thank you for reading this Silver Salmon Kick-Off Alagnak River Fishing Report from Katmai Lodge.

Jason with a pink streamer-caught chum salmon.

Chum salmon are still coming, not quite as hard as they were. Bright ones can still be found, though. Pink streamers swung in the current still do the job. And they are still a blast to catch, and delicious smoked.

Charmel got this chum on a Vibrax spinner.

The silvers are still hit or miss. The large numbers of fish that were predicted to move in on last week’s big tides did not. The summer has been historically dry. The river is exceptionally low. Places we caught silvers last year are dry. So whether or not the fish will show up in numbers is anyone’s guess. If they show like we hope they will fishing will be outstanding!

The silver salmon, the beast we await.

With the kings and the chums starting to spawn, trout fishing this week is all about the bead. Find a fine primer on bead fishing at this link:

Even with a leech. adding a bead isn’t a bad plan.

That’s this week’s Silver Salmon Kick-Off Alagnak River Fishing Report from Katmai Lodge. Thanks for reading!

Running by a bluff.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski