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There is a product to help protect your rod and reel investment for storage or transportation.   A neoprene jacket to protect your reel from scratching and your rod from getting blemishes or damaged guides, the Angler Innovations Rod Jackets are a top quality investment.

All anglers will have reasons to utilize the Angler Innovation rod jackets at one time or another but people who will have added reasons to buy and use these:   The kayak and wade anglers.  These are people who are more likely to be shoving their rods into their vehicles instead of being in rod holders on their trailered boats.   The jacket covers the equipment completely and also cushions the rod and reel from other trauma.   For people who like to grab all their rods carrying from their house or garage and to the car, the cushion of the jackets prevents the rod tips from tangling.   Rods and reels tossed into a corner somewhere will no longer going to be as hard on your equipment.

A low-cost preventative measure, these sleeves are well made, durable and easy to slide on and off your prized fishing toys.

A.I. Rod jackets are designed to fit rods from lengths of six-foot six inches up to seven-foot three inches and fitting reels up to size 4000 series.   Installation is easy.   Ease the rod tip into the sleeve and slide the tip up to the top.   Insert the reel into the receiver pocket and use the Velcro to enclose the reel.

From the Angler Innovations web site:

The Spinning Rod Jacket

The Casting Rod Jacket

Other info: Angler Innovations believes you will enjoy your product “trouble free” but offer the following warranty and satisfaction conditions-

Warranty / Returns


Angler Innovations provides a one year limited warranty on all products against defects in material and workmanship. If any of our products fail to perform as stated, we will refund your full purchase price, or replace the product at our discretion after we inspect it to determine the cause of product failure. Fill out the mandatory “Warranty Claims Form“, package up your defective Angler Innovations product along with a check / money order for $6.95 shipping and handling and mail it post paid to: ALL WARRANTY ISSUES WILL BE HANDLED WITHIN 10 DAYS OF RECEIVING THE RETURNED PRODUCT


Angler Innovations will accept all returns of new unused merchandise and refund your full purchase price less shipping and handling within 30 days of invoice date if our products fail to meet your expectations, no questions asked. Simply contact us by email at//  sales@anglerinnovationsusa.com// This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it// to request a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).

Other products:

Their other item that they have is a Rig Jacket.  This can be useful to those who want to avoid tangles with multi-hook lure rigs. Invest in something that will protect your fishing rods for many years to come.  Stay tuned for two new products by Angler Innovations coming in 2013!


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