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Lure maker Mike Hakala is no stranger to the fishing world, lures and catching fish.  The product line he has is larger than I will be talking about, but I will be talking about his spoons.    His company, Aqua Dream, is the real deal when it comes to saltwater spoon lures.   “Through the years over 300,000 of Capt. Mike’s spoons were sold as people came to love the quality and slow sinking action” and growing all the time.

A great search bait, spoons cast a long distance and mimic a pinfish very well.   Pinfish?  Is that true?  I believe that to be the case.   My long history using spoons, usually gold or silver, I honestly believe most of the fish I tricked thought my spoon was a pinfish.   The gentle wobble of a spoon looks strongly similar to pinfish feeding on blades of grass.

The other Pinfish Factor?    Soft plastic baits get murdered by pinfish and when they are large, aggressive pinfish, the Aqua Dream spoon will be a much better choice to use when soft baits get destroyed quickly.

Specs:  Sizes: 1/4 and 3/8 oz.

Other spoons I have had in the past, when they were damaged, they were done.    Aqua Dream spoons have longevity over other spoons.  There are replacement parts available.   While I personally prefer the Weedless spoons, they are available in treble hook models.

The styles:




The standard styles to me are the “colors” which was always Gold and Silver in my spoon chucking past.   But other choices are also great in White, Black, (a new favorite of mine) Copper and don’t forget the holographic choices as well.    Different choices for different conditions and natural food fish of the predators, you have every choice you need with his line of spoons.

The Live Bait series of Aqua Dream brings in some great options for spoon users.   Realistic patterns resembling regular meals for gamefish, these options are worth trying out on the fish in your area.   The Pinfish model is “eerie.”   Put up against an actual pinfish you will realize that this company did their homework on that design.  Their others are mullet, pilchard and the newest “blue crab” design are also choices to consider.

Pro tip- In use:  the most common error, people who move the lure 500% faster than it should be.    Slow it down to a light, side-to-side wobble and enjoy more strikes.

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Captain Mike is a 2013 and 2014 sponsor of the Captain Mel Classic.

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