Time cruises along.    It is December.   How did that happen?

Disappointingly enough:  Google still hasn’t responded to me.    Going on nine years:  Nothing.   To me, a weak company.   How they are a powerhouse and making money is beyond me.     It is frustrating.    There are ads showing on capmel.com that they haven’t given me the option to block.     For weeks and even months.   I can control part of them.     Mostly, the ads showing are pretty good but there are 20% of the ads that are just worthless clutter.     It just shouldn’t happen.    Their program stinks.    Their accessibility is zero.    It is a bad company.     I don’t like Microsoft either.      Not sure how these companies stay in business.    If I own a company I will have immediate responses.

16 and Pregnant; Love After Lockup.    Just what are we celebrating in this country?    I still don’t understand rap music.      A society of mental midgets.    My Facebook exit continues to be the best move I made this year.    My spam filter in my email is getting a workout thanks to them.    It is up to 300 people who also left Facebook after my example.      If you ask me:  Facebook is dying.    They couldn’t help it.   It’s greed.   They had to sell my personal information.     Not for me.    What’s up with people in general:  Throwing their garbage out the window onto the streets?    How hard is it to keep your trash and deposit it somewhere.     Driving this morning, the trash along the streets is unreal.     I understand accidental littering but that isn’t what this is.   People think the world is their garbage can.   It is an eyesoar.

A published author:  I don’t feel any different.    It was a chore.    The editing was the major ordeal.     I really didn’t manage that file very well.   The redundancy was huge.     100 hours of editing, I found redundancy every time I looked at the file.     I did make major strides in the final stages:  Rearranging.    Tweaking things where it should be a well-received publication.   I’m finalizing the pricing stuff and will be ready to distribute within a week.

The schedule is a little better.    John from Maryland continues to save the day.    He is back in town again soon, with two other guys with him.    That guy averages 25 days per year with me, maybe even a few days more than that, I would have to ask him.    This year was good the first six months.   The past five months have been unimpressive.    Right when I buy a house…

John’s two other guys (Terry and Mark) have been here before.   But they haven’t seen my new house.     And, I entertain when John comes to town.   Banned from the Pub, the guys can come over every night if they want.     The big thing is to get them on some big days on the water.    It is the right time of year.     A ways out:   Will there be a cold front during those four days?   The lottery of December.    December is usually pretty good.    January to the first half of February is tougher.

Arizona needs to fire their football coach.    Lead the whole game, up 19 points in the second half.   But lose.    You can’t lose to ASU.   You can’t, especially when you have them beat, at home and you just give it away.     That is enough to be fired.    Jon Gruden continues to lose, which is right up there with Miami playing bad.     In fact, maybe he will go coach there.   That would be perfect.   Cleveland:  No longer a cellar dweller.    Another second place finish last week (in a new pool) and I have already won first place this week, my first outright win of the year.    My only miss this week:   The Pittsburgh Steelers.    How could they lose to Denver??    I didn’t see that one coming.   Only one person picked that one but that person had three other losses.      I had no one within two games of me this week.

Spring training:   Uncle Neil’s home, the major league umpire hangout.   The guys are jazzed about spring training and being at my place.   They even chose housing as close to my place as they could find.     I spent nine hours the last two days working on the new deck and firepit.    Major progress.   I will have a roof installed and put about fifteen chairs out there.      Now that I have a firepit, I need “firewood.”    I say it because rather than buy it maybe someone has all this wood lying around that I could burn?

The fishing is set to explode.   We will get cold fronts.   We have really only had one, pretty mild.    A couple of significant cold snaps and the fishing will explode.   Red Tide never really hit most of my areas.   Fort Desoto got it close enough where I am not going there.    That is just playing the odds.   Why go there when I have ten other places that were untouched?

I am very pleased in general.    Business could be better.     The costs of having a house offset by the fact that I don’t spend anything not going anywhere.    I stick around here and keep working on things.   The inside has become a baseball museum.   It only took me ten months but I finally went through all the boxes.    I found some gems.   Things I’d forgotten about.      A Pete Rose autographed baseball, the ball, Bart Giamatti National League president.     I snuck that one in on Pete.     Only one of two total autographs I got in my eleven years.    The other:  Bob Feller on a Gulf Coast League ball.    Feller was my father’s favorite pitcher.       I even got my picture with Bob.     The Pete Rose ball is worth about $10,000.    I’ll never sell it.    I decided long ago that it goes to my nephew John in Texas.    John is the most legit baseball guy in the family.    I doubt he will ever sell it.   But he can if he wants to.

Dinners have been good.   The 100 recipes posted to the site this past six weeks:   I’ve made about 40 of them.    So, eatin’ has been good around here.

Last year, I became a hockey guy.   Good timing:  Our hockey team is awesome.     They give up too many goals but that’s OK when you score so many goals.     Now, I watch pretty much every game.    I always liked the game, I just never was too into it.    But.   I guess my baseball years still ruined me for things.    I still don’t really care that much if they lose.

Months passed.   I have finally reached an acceptance of my father’s passing.     Just recently.    Acceptance is the right word.    He was my number one person to talk to.    No one to replace that, I’m kind of on my own.     Toward the end of my umpiring career.    We were talking after a day of fishing.    I told him that I was up against it and might be moving on to a new life.    He said, “You can take it to the bank.   You showed them that you belong.”     I said, “Yes.   I should already be a major league umpire.”    Then he said something I will never forget.      “It doesn’t matter if you make it.   You know.   You will always know.    You will be happier doing something else anyway, but you will always know you earned your shot.”    Until that point he had never really said too much about my umpiring.   The last thing he said was, “It is always obvious when someone is happy with what they are doing.”    That was it.   I didn’t say anything else and he had said everything he wanted to say.    I was pleased that my father was happy that I was happy.    I had a great career in baseball.     A tough go from the beginning, you kind of get what you get but no umpire of my generation was ever honored more.     I’ve been quiet about it but my league presidents piled it on.     No one had more postseason duty than I did.     No one was crew chief more than I was.   By my compilations:  There are four major league umpires that when I talk to them they still call me “Chief.”    Of course, that’s unusual too:  All out for the same job it was somewhat cutthroat.   But to me, we were brothers.   All four of those guys had a better chance at making it because they worked with me.     I didn’t tolerate nonsense.   When the wolves were after those guys, I was in the middle.     And no one wanted that.     People wanted to be on my good side.   I think that is part of why umpiring was so easy for me.

Help pay my mortage:  Buy my book next week!    Just kidding.    Book #2 is not far behind.   Book #3 might be one where I actually do really well.     Book #4 is on the backburner.     That one might be quite a ways out.     Ironically, if I worked at it, I could get all four books out pretty fast.

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