Around the state:

August has the biggest likelihood of oppressive heat, hot water temperatures, afternoon thunderstorms and strong possibility of tropical weather.  That withstanding, it cannot be ignored for some great opportunities.   In northwest Florida, great flounder action will be available.   Around many coastal areas on the Gulf side, oversize redfish will make their annual appearance.    Speckled trout are providing great action around the West Central area of the state with very little slowdown from the seasonal warmth.    Pompano action should be great all over the state.   The best action will be very early in the morning or evening/nighttime.   The middle hours of the day may be tougher fishing but action will exist but usually deeper or in shaded areas.

The Tampa Bay region- The more rain, the better.    Stagnant, hot water will make things tougher but if you can fish “after the storms” expect action to be decent.     Algae blooms are the worst they have ever been.    More rain:  Does it help, or does it hurt??

The availability of species is what it was in the previous summer months and mangrove snapper action should also be excellent.   In general, the deeper water options are good in August and it is a month where I would be more likely to use some natural baits instead of exclusively artificial lures.   Sulky fish is one part but a species like mangrove snapper is more likely to be caught on a natural bait anyway.   Lures work great when the conditions are right.   But when the heat of the day is building:  In August, it may be tougher to have as much success on lures.   Another great deep option:  Pompano.   Their summer arrival delayed by the heavy rains from Tropical Storm Debby, expect pompano numbers to be excellent this month.   Toss in pretty easy opportunities for ladyfish and jacks and “staying deeper” will create more action in the Hottest Month Of The Year.   Flounder, somewhat of a mystery in 2012, either will arrive “late” this year or it may just be a quieter year for this species.   Some good fish have been caught but not like they were the past two summers around Tampa Bay.   Mysteriously, baitfish schools have not been consistent for the second year in a row which may have something to do with fewer flounder being in the Bay.   With a recent hatch and maturing baitfish, perhaps this will bring a lot more activity into the area.  

We are approaching Fall, and cooler water hopefully means lesser algae blooms, better fishing and just more comfortable weather altogether.  

In the Southwest “Suncoast” area of Florida, Redfish should take the spotlight as their numbers increase on the flats along the east and west sides of Sarasota Bay. Also, look for spotted
seatrout, an increase in flounder numbers and snook at night around lighted docks. Snook action should also improve during the day along the beaches.   August is here or there.      It can be good.   It can be “not as good.”   You get what you get.    Best wishes for a great August!

The East coast of Florida,

Fish early for sea trout and redfish using topwater plugs on the surrounding flats at the Inlet. Look for bait pods and cast just past and around bringing your lure through. Trout will be found nearby following these baits, usually in deeper water.  Water quality, probably better than it has been years past:  The water is hot and it is a tough month with this heat.   Fish can be caught but it is a bit of a battle a lot of the time.  

In the Big Bend of Florida’s Panhandle, Robert Baker at TnT Hideaway on the Wakulla River: .   If you are going to be in Panama City, stop in and see Brad and his staff at Sunjammers:   The guys are reporting great action throughout the region for trout, redfish and flounder.   Kingfish, cobia and pompano are also options for the kayak anglers.   Red snapper remain a legit target for the distance guys.  

In Northeast Florida: August should be a lot of a continuation of last month which is trout and redfish and of course some really big flounder.  Most of the fish have been active morning and evening but the midday action around the passes will be pretty decent.      August is often very good.    It may not be as good as other times of year but sometimes it is outstanding.   

In the greater South Florida area:

The Everglades, Flamingo anglers are enjoying some great action but come back a pint low if they do not remember the correct supplies.    Get a bug suit and load up on repellent, we’ve got great action down here.    Tarpon are a great bet.      Around the rest of the region, you can pick your species and go for it.    Beware of stormy weather on extreme trips.   Kayak anglers have faced some perilous situations, something that is best to avoid.    Join up with a friend if you want to do something like this but be ready to weather the storms.     

The tip of the month:

Silk chartreuse.   Nighttime fishing requires some different color selections.   Silk chartreuse will get strikes when other colors do not.     “Greengo” mullet has a chartreuse top and a white belly and also a good choice.   Pink silver glitter is another good choice.    If it is “low light” but not pitch dark, pearl white is a good choice.  Recently, 12 Fathom added “Glo” in the SlamR and Mullet.   This is the “off white” glow choice and holds the charge from a flashlight but it is a great color for daytime fishing as well.

Check the weather.    Planning of trips can be most effective if you see the forecast for storms.   Some times of the day will be more likely to have convection storms than others.    That being the case, if you schedule or reschedule your trips accordingly, you may be less likely to have Tripus Interruptis.        The squalls are no fun.   But the fishing can be trickier before and after storms as well.   If you have options on when you go, make it a good choice based on odds.  

Need help learning how to kayak fish?   Hire one of our guides on staff for your region and take advantage of their knowledge and sharpen your own skills!   Steve covers the Sarasota/Bradenton area, Dee covers the Space Coast regions and Neil works the Tampa Bay area!    Three guides who are all on the Native Watercraft pro staff for your kayak fishing needs!

Get out and into the action but as always: Be careful out there!

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