Hopefully the strong east winds we had most of the week will settle down for the weekend. The water temperature is starting to climb, and bait is starting to move onto the flats. This makes fish more active and aggressive. When you’re planning your next trip, be sure to pay attention to weather, tides and moon phases. The south shore of Tampa Bay was on fire this past month. Look for it to continue. Fish are stacked up anywhere from the Little Manatee River west to the port. Bait is all over the markers and pretty easy to net. Snook are staging up in every creek mouth and shoreline that has good tidal flow. They’ve been sitting ready to ambush any bait that swims by. Just cast your bait upcurrent of the point and let it drift back. The trout bite has really stayed consistent. I continue to see fish over 20 inches being caught. The bigger trout are being caught in shallow sand holes up in Cockroach Bay. The bait of choice has been greenbacks. Redfish seem to be staying more out on the flats with the mullet. These fish are not in big schools, but a good number of slot fish are being caught.

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