By Neil Taylor,

The Native engineering crew, always looking for places to improve the experience, set their focus on creating a better paddle retention system.  What they came up with is an exceptional item that everyone should add to their craft, the Cam-Lok Paddle Holder.  The entire industry was in need of a better paddle holding mechanism.   Let’s face it; there are very few problems out on the water greater than losing your paddle.  This item will hold a paddle securely until the time you want to utilize the paddle again and works on all paddles.

This paddle holder is easy to install and remove, which is probably a good idea if you are somewhat rough in your handling of the boats while loading and unloading.  The accessory can be attached to any groove system/accessory track, meaning it can also be moved around to different positions at your discretion.   Another great feature of this accessory is the many positions and angles that it can be positioned.   Some people want to have the paddle parallel to the craft.   Others may like the paddle laying diagonal across the beam, which is also an option.

Using the paddle holder is so simple, it is brilliant.  Surpassing previous paddle holder options in usefulness by a landslide, so many of the previous options were neither dependable nor simple to use.    With the Cam-Lok holder: To secure the paddle, place it across the top of the buckle and press down.   The mechanism will compress and grip the paddle firmly.   When it is time to use the paddle again, simply pick up on the paddle and raising it straight up, the small strap-buckle will release the paddle.

What does this replace?   To me, the best paddle retention system has been the “bungee and hook” system which pinned the paddle to the edge of the kayak.   The Cam-Lok is a simpler system, eliminating the step of putting the bungee around the hook.   This also makes your “paddle leash” obsolete.  I got away from leashes years ago anyway, saying that there were other ways to secure a paddle that were less cumbersome.   The Cam-Lok holder simplifies paddle security.

Uses you may not have thought of?   Are you traveling through narrow areas, mangrove tunnels or near the trees?  Rods that you want to lay down can have added security of being locked into the paddle holder.  Anyone who has navigated in tight areas with trees has probably lost fishing rods that were pulled out of paddle holders.   This will hold that equipment in place, keeping most of the rod tip over the kayak.   The most experienced kayak anglers will tell stories of “equipment lost turning corners” which is usually fishing rods and reels pulled out of their boats.   Utilizing these holders, this is assistance with loss prevention.

How old is your kayak?    Does this mean you cannot use this accessory because it mounts on accessory rails?   It does NOT.  The accessory rail can easily be installed.    If you have a kayak fishing shop locally, find out if they have accessory rail.   One company that sells small sections of accessory rail is Yak Attack.   Innovators in kayak fishing accessories, they will make it possible to use this and other kayak fishing accessories with the addition of accessory rail to your boat.

Cam-Lok Paddle Holders are sold in pairs and do not require any tools for installation.   This is an item that has versatility and can be used for other things while not in use as a paddle holder, and simplicity in  use, installation, adjustability and even removal.

Enjoy the new paddle holder!

Neil Taylor is a kayak fishing guide specializing in Instructional Kayak Fishing trips for both beginners and the experienced.   If you have questions about his charters or services call 727-692-6345.   His web site is

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