The big trout of winter have invaded. Catches of dozens of slot to over-slot trout is a daily occurrence. The trout are fat, aggressive, light-tackle fun that will last until around the middle of May.   The colder it stays, the better it should be.   Use light leader with light jigs or possibly topwater lures rigged on rods that are slightly stiffer. The soft mouths of trout, anglers will find that they will lose fewer fish if they are using rods that will “give” in the tip, where the stiffer rods that are necessary to fight more stubborn opponents. Lure selection should be determined by the water depth. Topwater lures will work in shallower areas but in the deeper troughs or grassflats, a sinking lure is a better choice.   Hard baits or “jigs.” Trout are cooperative nearly all the time.   With less baitfish around they will compete for food.

Mostly, you want to run the lures near the bottom. Drifting, when one or two larger trout are hooked, stake out the area because you have probably located the school and could experience steady action. Using the three to five-inch plastic jigs, accidental catches of flounder are possible on trout outings.    The trout are primarily over grassy bottom areas.   Flounder are nearly always going to be over the sand.    Flounder action will get better and better as spring approaches.   

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