The Tampa Bay Times

 I haven’t been on the water for a couple of weeks so getting out Tuesday with three young lads from London was enjoyable.  Ages 7,9, and 11, fished with their Dad and Grandfather, all being excited for a saltwater experience. We anchored over a natural limestone outcropping in 20-feet of water not far from the Skyway Bridge.  The bottom on this outcropping is full of life that can be heard from the surface sounding like crackling sizzling bacon. The boys were rewarded with catches of mangrove and lane snapper, gag and red grouper, white grunt, and crevalle jack.  The highlight for me however, was saving a juvenile stone crab.  One of the boys reeled up a fish that had another fishing line wrapped around it that had been broken off earlier.  Attached to the line was a stone crab that was all tangled up with the braided line wrapped around its legs and claws.  I was able to gently cut the line free and release the crab while also retrieving lost line from the seafloor.