Capt. Brent Gaskill

        Spanish mackerel are a migratory species that arrive each spring in large numbers as they travel up our coastline.  A large population of these fish however, seem to break off the migratory pattern each year and take up residence for the summer in our local waters.  The abundance of baitfish combined with a varied habitat must appeal to them as they can be found from deep grass flats to navigational aids in the bay as well as roaming the beaches and concentrating over on wrecks and artificial reefs offshore.  Spanish mackerel have been one of my favorite target species for years as they are predictable, abundant, and willing to cooperate; three characteristics that make them a perfect species for charters.  The fact that they are capable of speedy runs that pull drag off light spinning gear combined with their ability to fight harder than any fish in granddaddy’s pond back home make them perfect for our summer visiting families that are looking for a good time on the water catching lots of fish.  A bonus is their quality table fare when iced, properly cleaned, and eaten fresh.  Never freeze Spanish mackerel.  Their oily content, which is rich with healthy omega-3, makes them mushy and less desirable when frozen.

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