The Tampa Bay Times

April is always a month of extreme action, flourishing flats as well as near shore species piling on. Bait is plentiful and even the snook are starting to feed heavily. It’s unfortunate that almost all of my bookings through April have been canceled due to the coronavirus. Traveling has been suppressed and people are being very cautious understandably. The fish are going to get a huge break this month. So, if you are fortunate enough to get out and do some fishing, there should be no reason not to be successful. Any of the medium to high tides will provide plenty of redfish action. Live pinfish, sardines, or artificial’s will get a strike from these foraging predators. The weather should become very stable as we approach spring patterns. This will also provide tremendous trout fishing along the flats near the passes as they make their way towards the beaches for an extended spawn season. Snook have been cooperating around the mouths of the rivers and bays, especially when using live sardines for bait. Near shore fisherman have been clobbering mackerel and the diving birds have given away the location of large bait schools 1 to 3 miles from shore. Kingfish have moved in and are eating slow trolled threadfin herring. If you are lucky enough to be out fishing, you should have great success in the month of April.