Fishing has been very productive in the north Pinellas County area. Although live sardines have been a little tricky to find especially after sunrise.  Chumming for a long consistent period of time will usually provide enough bait for fishing a few hours. Snook have been piling up around the passes in big numbers. Although as usual, they are finicky to bite and are very shy in clear water. I’ve been using larger sardines or grunts to get hits but it takes a lot of patience.  Drifting baits into a pod of fish by using the tide is a proven method for the most natural presentation. trout are also stacking up along the same rocky structures where we find snook. However, the trout will spread out along the sandy bottom and not be confined to one location like snook. I will often place a split shot about a foot from the hook to keep the bait low against the bottom. Redfish are still the most reliable on the incoming tides. Cut pinfish are working the best when placed along the mangrove roots as the tide floods the bush line. Larger fish are schooling with the mullet. Placing bait in the mullet schools is a great method to find redfish.  Tarpon are beginning to show along the beaches from Clearwater north. Although the numbers will increase there are a few fish to work on already. The next strong moon phase will probably see an influx of tarpon to the area.