Cold fronts are typical this time of year. Every week there is usually a dip in the temperature and then a few days of stability. The first day or two of the front can sometimes stun fish. Certain species acclimate better and still cooperate. In north Pinellas, trout, redfish and sheepshead are always the inshore target during cold snaps. Sheepshead are found around bridge pilings, docks and edges of oyster bars. Cut pieces of shrimp on a small hook can trick these crafty fish into biting. They are also very good table fair and often overlooked due to their appearance. Redfish are commonly found hanging around docks, and flats that have quick access to deeper waters which offer protection from the cold winds that often come with cold fronts. Most dock fish tend to be on the smaller side. A single dock can hold 15 – 20 small redfish. Methodically moving from one to the next is the best way to locate the best ones. Trout are definitely the main species most anglers target in St. Joseph Sound. The islands lining the intercoastal tend to get the most action however the edges of the flats from Clearwater to Tarpon springs will also hold high numbers of fish. The larger females aren’t as likely, but there are a few mixed in. A vast array of artificials work well. I like any that mimic a shrimp pattern, worked in a hopping motion. The bite usually comes when the jig is falling towards the bottom.

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