Warm conditions have brought on great fishing in the last few days. And finally, live bait has started to return to the area again after being very scarce over the last couple of weeks. It had been on the beaches but disappeared after the last full moon had passed. So now, chumming the grass flats has been the main method for netting bait in the mornings. The snook are responding to the live sardines and beginning to eat on most phases of the tides. Incoming seems to produce the most bites for my recent trips. Clear water requires a clean presentation. Trimming tag ends between mainline and fluorocarbon leader, and using a small hook, 1/0 or 2/0 at the most will reduce their ability to identify tackle. Most people I see struggling with success are usually using too much visible tackle. Redfish have also been eating really well. Recent high tides have pushed the fish into the bushes and cut pinfish have worked best. Skipping baits back into the mangroves and allowing the fish to find it has worked very effectively. Sometimes one overhanging mangrove limb can hold as many as 20 redfish. Methodically working the openings will produce fish but you have to be patient. As the tide falls the fish move out in front of the mangroves,10 to 20 feet. Eventually they will blend in with the mullet retreating along with the falling tide.

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