Snook Fishing has been improving every day in north Pinellas. More and more fish have migrated to the passes and the beaches as the water temperatures continue to rise. All of the barrier islands from Clearwater to Tarpon Springs are holding good numbers of snook. It has taken a while for them to congregate in their typical areas, mostly due to lower water temperatures. However, they have arrived but getting the larger female snook to cooperate has been a little difficult. The smaller, more eager male fish have been jumping on the line. Finding small groups along the rocks in the troughs and various grass patches has been pretty easy. A handful of live chum will usually get them chasing baits and giving up their specific location. Trout have also moved out to the beach and big numbers. While searching for the snook, I will find schools of trout scooting off of the same rocks where the snook are hanging out. On a recent trip, low tide had forced many fish into a particular trough. One grass patch in that ditch had attracted trout as well as snook and redfish. Tarpon are also pouring into the Clearwater region. Grunts, pinfish, and large sardines have gotten bites while floating under a cork. All the passes have been productive and tarpon are starting to show in good numbers along the beaches. East winds have been helpful in all situations regarding every one of the species mentioned above. This is a great time to fish whether from shore or in a boat.

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