The Tampa Bay Times

St. Joseph Sound is finally producing a reliable trout bite that we have grown accustomed to over the years. They are showing up late, but their numbers are getting stronger. Most islands are holding them. Shrimp under a float has been very effective. Greenbacks have worked also if available. Small, and quiet adjustments is key to locating a school of trout. Sometimes they are just slightly out of range. Easing around can give you the best shot at getting into the school without spoiling them. The redfish bite has also improved tremendously over the last week. Several fish were caught on my trips and other guides in my area. Bait has shown up once again on the flats and the reds are foraging for greenbacks, pinfish and small crustaceans such as crabs and shrimp. I have been using cut pieces of ladyfish launched way ahead of the boat into mullet schools moving and jumping. Lately on the weaker high tides, the redfish have been out in the middle of the flats. I always target small sandholes to lay the bait in. It helps the fish find the baits easier when tracking the scent. Circle hooks work best and even leaving rods in the rod holders after fan casting multiple baits is a great way to insure the fish hook themselves without the error of a hook set. Snook are beginning to eat a bit as well. The warm days has pushed water temperatures up to 70 degrees, stimulating them to chase a bait occasionally. March is usually an exciting month. It’s starting out that way for sure.