The Tampa Bay Times

This past week brought some unusually high tides to the area. In some cases, it improved fishing depending on the species and in others it caused some problems. The trout fishing along the beaches remained very consistent and exceptional throughout the tide. But as the tide grew higher, redfishing became difficult. We were able to catch fish through the low and middle part of the tide but as it grew to more than a foot higher than a normal high tide, the redfish were able to disperse far into the mangroves for a long period of time. Heavy chumming at the tree-line and patience produced some bites however at the highest part of the tide the bite was very slow, even near and over the oyster bars. Snook were especially finicky this week. More than likely due to the bright overnight moon, allowing them to feed throughout the night due to high visibility. Methodically working small groups of fish in the troughs along the beaches would get a few bites. We were using grunts and greenbacks predominantly. Again, chumming would get them interested in eating and helped get a few hook ups. I’ve spotted a few tarpon early in the mornings but not very many. They are definitely starting to trickle in the north Pinellas area but I expect over the next two weeks for them to be more populated, giving us more opportunities to hook them.