Trout fishing is still one of the main inshore targets this time of year. They are usually spread out by now and a little wiser after a few winter months of being hunted by most fisherman in the area. Small pockets of fish will still cooperate though, as long as the correct tactics are used. Quiet approaches and small boat adjustments can make a huge difference in success. Sometimes a group of fish is only a few yards away. A short move of a few feet can get you in range to hook-up. Also, long casts are very important to reach wary fish. Boat presence can keep them pushed away. Make an effort to anchor with the wind at your back to aid in a long cast. This applies to almost any type of fishing. Redfish are extremely boat shy, at least in the north Pinellas region. Deck noise and even a trolling motor on a high setting will send a school of fish scurrying across the flat. Snook are a bit more forgiving and will stay nearby, however can refuse to eat when spooked. Most times, I will cut the outboard engine or the trolling motor a few yards out and drift into position. Not only for the success of my clients, but as a courtesy to nearby anglers as well. Chumming with some live or cut baits can help to draw fish back to your area, but as a rule, it’s better to not scare them away at all. 

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