Cold fronts are typical this time of year and definitely affect the fishing in North Pinellas. The water temps had dipped into the high 50’s and that change tends to slow the bite down. However, a few days of stable weather can allow fish to acclimate and begin eating again. Snook have definitely moved from the beaches and passes back towards the east and around the islands in the intercoastal, staging before their final push into the creeks and backcountry hang outs for winter. Larger redfish are starting to thin a bit, being replaced by a population of small redfish gathering around the oyster bars and under the docks. As the cold fronts pass through live shrimp, pinfish and artificials will be the norm through the cooler months ahead. Redfish can’t resist a live shrimp so pitching them under the docks or around the patchy bottom near oysters is a sure way to get a few on the line. Trout are around in the St. Joseph Sound although they haven’t really begun to push in with high numbers. A few more cold fronts should increase the number of fish coming in from the beaches and from the north, looking for warmth along the rocks of the spoil islands. They will often eat best on a particular tide. Some areas will have more action on the incoming while others on the outgoing. Moving quietly while trying to locate a group will always pay off by not spooking them away.

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