The Tampa Bay Times

Water temperatures are climbing as the days become longer. Early morning action can sometimes be a great game plan for anglers wanting an edge on the action.  Before the sun get too high, it can often be a great time to be soaking some baits. As the sun sets, you’ll find the same great action too.  If you are going offshore , you’ll find the water temps are a bit cooler. The fish will  also be a bit more cooperative.If  you are wanting pelagic action, trolling live baits can be the key to success.   Locating bait schools can be the key  for  action.Spanish sardines are a major food source for pelagic fish at this time. If you can find the sardines, you most likely find the fish.  They seem to located in depths of 65 feet of water and deeper. Employing a downrigger  during your troll is definitely a must. This  will often be where the big ones are located.  There are still some kingfish an blackfin tunas to be taken in the depths of 80 feet  of water and deeper. If you are bottom fishing be sure to toss a free line bait off the back . Often times it can  the rod  that attracts your trophy for the day. 
The full moon is bringing us some strong tides  for the next 7 days. Expect bottom fish to more cooperative during the beginnings and ends of  each tide. Normally the first and the last 1 1/2 hour of each  tide will have the most  action.  These times  will often coincide with  many solar and lunar charts that predict when the fish are biting