Spring is right around the corner.   The cold fronts that blast thru our area are lasting for shorter periods of time. This  allows things to warm up quickly.  Also aiding in our prelude to spring, is the suns intensity.  Days  are become longer,  warming the gulf coast even more. Water temperatures are truly the dictator as to when migratory fish will visit our area.  The fish dont use a calendar to migrate, so keeping an eye on the water temperatures is key for success.  Bottom fishing remains consistent for anglers working the depths of 60 feet of water.  Plenty of grunts and small snappers are eager to engulf a stinky chunk of squid. Double hook rigs allow twice the fun for angler, allowing them to reel two fish in at the same time.   This allows angler to reel multiple fish at once. These helpful tips will keep clients happy and make up for the size factor. Most of  these reef fish are normally under 3 pounds. At this time, this happens to be the mainstay for many captains on our coast, regarding a method to bring legal table fare back to port for clients. Especially on shorter trips when they are restricted as to how far they can travel west.Gag grouper of great size are in the same depths, but the season is closed . Catch and release is our only option until June. The table fare for grunts, porgies and other small reef fish are high quality, helping ease the pain of having to let go a hefty  delicious gag grouper. These are the laws and this technique for a good day on the water works for many captains.   Using this method of bottom fishing allows anglers to Catch a lot of fish and also take some dinner home.   

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