Winter has taken grasp of the state.  Looks like  even colder weather is in store for us by next week.
   Instead of getting frustrated,  because you can’t go fishing,  get organized. Having everything ready when  fish decide to eat is crucial for a big score.
Our biggest issue when fishing daily  is tackle organization.  Prepared leaders and rigs  makes your life  much easier. This  allows you to capitalize on the action.
What  makes a trip extraordinary, is to pull up over  a wreck, then hook all six anglers into a big amberjack. Everybody’s getting  jerked around the gunnels at once. Even if you have to let them go at this time, it’s still lots of fun.  The same effect for bottom fishing and kingfishing. Pulling up on a spot, catching the fish off guard  triggers a bite. One fish will hit, then another.  Before you know it, everybody in the boat is fighting a  fish. That’s where the preparation part comes into play.
    So  during these winter months, when the wind is blowing hard,  the seas are rough. Tie rigs and smile.   You are getting prepared for some future epic action.
CapMel Staff
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