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Finally kingfish have arrived in great numbers all the way from Clearwater to Sarasota. Warmer weather and higher than usual water temperatures kept the majority of them from starting their fall southward migration. The usual spots such as the mid water artificial reefs e.g. South County, Indian Shores and Veterans are all holding large quantities of bait and kingfish of all sizes. These reefs are a quarter of a mile square around the center point which is the published GPS location for them. High profile structure will be found scattered throughout this area . Finding a piece of structure and trolling over it with either hardware or live bait caught on site should produce a nice box of fish.
Barracuda, bonita and Spanish mackerel can also be targeted by those trolling in the same areas. Large spoons, plugs, and rigged ballyhoo will entice barracuda to bite while trolling at about 6 knots. Slow trolling nose hooked blue runners at a speed of “as slow as you can go” should produce a strike from this apex predator. Light drag settings should be employed to prevent line breakage from the vicious strikes that occur.
It is not necessary to make the 10 to 12 mile run to the mid water reefs to experience some great fishing right now. Large Spanish mackerel, bonita and sharks can be caught on many days within a mile of the shoreline especially near the passes that empty into the gulf. Downsize spoons to a 0 or #1 for the Spanish mackerel and bonita. Bonita are not considered to be good table fare for us, but for those who want to do battle with a shark, fresh bonita is one of the best baits that can be employed.