Our spring run of kingfishing has gotten off to a monster start and in some instances a boat hasn’t been required.  Already there’s been a couple over 40 lbs. hauled over the rails on the North Skyway Fishing Pier and there’s been a few in the 30’s along with them.  A whopping 49.8 pounder was landed from the structure last week before the water muddied up.  It’s a safe bet they’ll be back when it clears.  Land based kingfisherman looking to do some tournament fishing have an opportunity.  There’s an event hosted on the North Skyway Pier that runs through May.  If you go, leave your bass rods at home.  Without the luxury of being able to run em’ down, you’ll need reels that’ll accommodate 300 yards of line.  They’re called ‘smokers’ for a reason.  When the near shore waters have cleaned between blows there has been big kings caught in several of the 20 ft. traditional hot spots.  Clearwater , the “drop” off Blinds Pass and St. Pete Beach have all produced.  The many mile stretch of the Ships Channel has long been among my favorite ‘go to’ spot when “hawg hunting” for kingfish.  Choosing the right stretch to work is key.  There is no substitution for the presence of bait.  Kingfish won’t linger long where there is none.  From the Whistler to well inside the Skyway Bridge , kings will likely be where the largest concentration of bait have gathered.