f Tarpon is on your mind, then this is the week to target them. A full moon on Monday should kick off a good week of fishing as long as they don’t go offshore to spawn. They tend to do this on the first full moon in June. If they don’t, expect to find them on beach and passes early morning. With all the rain we had last week I expect there will be a big crab flush on the outgoing tide. You should be able to catch them at the bridges and passes on the outgoing tide. Small blue and pass crabs have worked best on the outgoing tide. Remember to set up above the fish and drift to them. Make sure your bait drifts at the same pace as the boat to make it look natural.

Snook have made their way to the coastal passes and adjacent beaches for the annual spawn this month. A large number of big Snook can be caught off the beaches. They will eat most anything you throw at them: scaled sardines, threadfins, shrimp, and most artificial plastics.

If looking for constant action, then move out into the middle of the bay. Start around the shipping channel and markers. Spanish mackerel and sharks can be caught on almost every cast once you get them chummed up. Make sure to use heavier leader with a long shank hook.

Capt. Mike Gore