The Tampa Bay Times

This will be a good week for fishing with us getting back to our normal weather pattern. It looks like they are calling for a slight Easterly wind all week. So, for at least a week we can get out early, catch some fish and get off the water before it gets too hot.

On the inshore scene, you can expect the big Snook that have been holding on the beach to move deeper and start their spawn. There is still plenty of small black drum in the 5lb range running in the surf. They are eating live and artificial shrimp. I have been hooking both baits on a 1/0 circle hook and casting it on the beach in front of them. 

If you are looking for something to eat in Tampa Bay, then target mangrove snapper and silver trout. You can find them in deeper water throughout the Bay. Mangrove snapper are getting ready to spawn so they bunch up. The best place to catch them is around the shipping channel markers and buoys. Don’t just hold tight to the markers, take your time and do a circle 50 yards away from it as well. There is a lot up live bottom around these markers that will hold fish. You will want to use your bottom machine to find it. Put a chum block out and start cutting bait. Mangrove Snapper have small stomachs though, so cut just enough bait to get them active. This will bring the fish off the bottom and make them easier to catch.  The small fry bait we have in the Bay right now is perfect for this type of fishing.

Capt. Mike Gore