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It is the time for giant trout.   The speckled trout is easily our most prevalent fish.    If you go to the right location, the big trout are fat right now.  Without exception, the bottom should be seagrass.   We have been routinely catching giant trout in water that is about three feet deep.   Big trout are definitely more fun than the average size ones.    To tempt the biggest trout consider a topwater lure.     They like it slow.     The moodier they are, the slower you go.   As winter wears on, expect the biggest trout to be in even shallower.   “Numbers” will be smaller fish in deeper water but steady action.    
In many circumstances the five or six inch jerkbait will outperform the topwater.    Have both and make the adjustments.     Trout live over grass.    If you are fishing where there is no grass, there are no trout.    As I mentioned alread:  Now to May the biggest trout will be found in the shallows, in water less than two feet deep.   Trout are closed to havest for at least four more months.    New regulations go into effect when they do reopen.   3 fish, 15 to 19 inches. 

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