Basically, stay away from Tampa Bay proper unless you are after sharks.   Shark fishing is the only success I have seen inside the Bay.    What has caused this?   No one knows.    People who have lived here for 70 years “have never seen this before.”   No question, this is a very challenging time, unlike anything we have ever seen here before.   Until things get better, look elsewhere.    “Out front” and to the north would be my recommendation.    It is not a bad time to ride north an hour and a half and enjoy the fish they have there.    Redfish are much better to the north but basically everything is better up that way right now.     People trying inside Tampa Bay are having an extremely rough time catching anything.   Pompano:   A complete failure in 2019.    In comparison, we caught 30 pompano per trip in 2017 and 2018.    In 2019 we have caught five.   Total.     Give it time, let things normalize but for the time being, go somewhere else.     People going out there have already figured this out on their own.    For everyone else, this is just good advice.    Dunedin northward would be what I would recommend.    One of my favorite areas farther north an hour and a half is Ozello.    That Crystal River, Homosassa area is driving distance and the fishing is excellent around there.   On the bright side there was a report yesterday that was a little closer to normal.    Reply 

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