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Trout are so plentiful, it is impossible not to catch them. Right now, top water lures are huge for tempting the biggest trout. Action is just plain easy for this species. Soft plastic jigs on 1/8-ounce jigheads catches the big numbers. You want grass bottom. For trout, you want to move lures at a slow speed. Run lures right down near the bottom. Topwater technique, chug that lure back and forth at a steady pace but work in “pauses”. For top waters two feet of depth.   
The jigs for the deeper areas. Tail color really doesn’t matter. I use primarily gold for visibility but trout will virtually eat anything they see, regardless of color. Trout remain closed to harvest. That may change in the near future but no final decision has been made. They spawn year-round, so trout are a more durable species than the other inshore fish. Still “closed”, it remains to be seen when they will reopen to harvest but possibly, the end of this month.

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