Will Patterson nice catch!

The crux of late summer, things are as tough as they get for fishing Tampa Bay but improvements are imminent.     Significant rain has really improved the bite. Trout are always a good target.   They will get even better as temperatures drop.   Pompano are a “heat” species and have been a big part of the program the past two months.    An odd year, we’re into them and then they’re gone.    It goes back and forth.    If you make good decisions, your trips are more successful.    You don’t get into them where you expect them, what’s your next location?    If you have multiple spots, you should be able to stay on them.   
Trout are a “deeper water” species.   Not as deep as pompano but you want grass bottom in depths of 4 to 6 feet.   The bottom for pompano targeting is sandy bottom 9 to 13 feet in depth.     Pompano are caught with pompano jigs loop knotted to a fly teaser:  Yellow jig, pink teaser.    Trout eat pretty much anything they see.    My recommendations are 5 or 6 inch soft plastics and topwater lures, basically your choice.   There are a lot of quality topwaters out there.     I only use topwaters from one company.   The design, fairly large and “noisy” with a body color of green top and white belly.    That’s my first choice.   
I’d suggest diversity:   Try for trout and pompano and adjust.   If the pompano aren’t there, switch to trout.    If the trout aren’t there, move until you find them.    Great pompano fishing is there, if you get in the right location.    Trout are good on action but not particularly impressive in size.

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