Subject: Snook still on the beaches 
 If you are an early riser and love to fly fish this time of year is made for you. Pods of snook are still within a few feet of the sand in the trough along our beaches. Although the season is closed, catch and release opportunities have never been better.  A large female with a group of smaller males will do their courting in these locations especially if there is good current flow making passes with some structure the best location. A good pair of polaroid glasses will reveal some very large fish. Stay on the bank and out of the water, the rising sun behind you will reveal fish and also cast a shadow scaring fish if not careful. You will see some baitfish present; duplicate their size with white flies. Crimp all hook barbs making easy penetration possible for effective hookups and release. Perform a quick release while the fish is still in the water. Hold your cast until the fish is facing you then cast ahead of the fish and to it’s side. Never retrieve a fly into the fishes face, baitfish would never make that fatal mistake. The fly, with a 30 pound shock tippet, is then retrieved duplicating an escaping baitfish and should trigger a violent strike. An eight weight fast action 9 foot rod is perfect and will allow you to quickly pick up a long cast if misplaced or refused. A second cast can be made immediately. Change fly patterns after several refusals of good presentations. If there is strong wave action or floating weeds a clear sinking tip line may work better than a floating one getting your offering down quickly.Fly fisherman Pat Damico charters Fly Guy in lower Tampa Bay and can be reached at and (727) 504-8649.