Most fly fishermen and women are really interested in learning about having and using suitable equipment. A fly rod alone can cost from 50 to 900 dollars. Technological advances in this sport have been very rapidly advancing. When we receive an initial inquiry about a charter it is not without a list of good questions. For many, this may be their first adventure into fishing saltwater with a fly rod. We can supply everything needed and often do, but if they have any equipment of their own that sounds suitable I encourage them to bring it. I can learn a lot just by watching them assemble their rod, reel, line, leader and fly on the end. Very few, “Intermediate to advanced,” fly fishers know how to assemble their multi-piece rods properly, secure their reel, connect line and leader and use a suitable knot to tie on a fly or add a leader tippet to the end. If they have any flies, especially if they tied their own, I can learn a lot by just looking at them. I had a fourteen-year-old client who came with his mother because he wanted a guided trip with me for his birthday. His high-end equipment including the flies he tied were perfect, as was his casting. I’ve had other clients who have fly fished for years who needed help with almost everything. All of these factors will affect your success on the water.

Fly fisherman Pat Damico charters Fly Guy in lower Tampa Bay and can be reached at and (727) 504-8649.