Your fly pattern is very important, but not putting the fly in the proper location is even more necessary for success. If casting with your normal setup is giving you poor results, your fly line is probably the culprit because of much warmer weather and especially very warm water. One well-known fly line company makes over 1000 different fly lines for a good reason. In the spring when gulf water temperatures were in the low 60’s a line that performed perfectly will not do the same now when the water temperature is above 85. I see this frequently with clients who come from northern states and find they are trying to cast line that behaves like limp spaghetti. A line that performed perfectly for saltwater species in the northeast this spring will be a disaster now. Some fly lines will have designations such as tropic or warm weather on the box. Fly fishing guides understand this and will have the proper lines on their reels. When clients are having difficulty with the equipment they brought with them, I frequently will give them a reel to use with a suitable line on the rod that they feel comfortable with. This will restore their confidence and go a long way to eliminate their frustration resulting in a successful day.

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