“Fly fishing is too much work!” This is something I hear frequently as a reason for not getting involved in this rewarding pursuit. The same comment can be made about almost any sport, especially if you want to really get involved and don’t know how to get a proper start. If you have made the transition from bait to artificials in saltwater fishing you have already taken a big step forward. Why did you do this? Bait costs too much, I waste a lot of time trying to catch bait and then it often dies, time is lost putting bait on the hook and then it falls off or a very small fish eats it, a lot of fish swallow the hook and can’t be released, I run out of bait when the bite is very active and am too far away to get more, bait gets in the weeds and has to be recast, etc. Much of this can be eliminated by using a guide that will deal with most of these issues giving you more fishing time without interruptions, of course, for a fee. When fly fishing you can pick up your fly rod and immediately cast a fly that can float or sink, has a weed guard, and will duplicate a shrimp, crab, or baitfish. Having a single hook that is easily debarbed if needed. Casting it properly can be very enjoyable and eliminate the, “Too much work part.”

Fly fisherman Pat Damico charters Fly Guy in lower Tampa Bay and can be reached at captpatdamico.com and (727) 504-8649.

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