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Fly fishing is one of the few sports, maybe the only one, where you can get better as you age. This depends very much on how you do it. In saltwater we use heavier equipment, must cast further with accuracy, and are constantly confronted with adverse wind conditions, a combination of issues that if not approached properly will cause physical deterioration of muscles, ligaments, and joints. Frequently, even younger sports enthusiasts in tennis or golf often are plagued with these issues that can be debilitating. Tennis elbow and golf wrist are frequent results. The reason is usually poor execution of fundamentals. Someone who never fly fished can have an advantage over a veteran who has many issues with poor, “Muscle memory.” Watching any accomplished sports enthusiast perform looks easy because most flaws are eliminated. An excuse I often hear is, “Fly fishing is too much work!” Do a search of Fly Fishing Clubs in your area and you will find a group of fly fisher’s that share the same interests at many different levels. You can find capable instructors that will be only too happy to get you on the correct path to make this a safe and very enjoyable pastime.

Fly fisherman and casting instructor Pat Damico charters Fly Guy in lower Tampa Bay and can be reached at and (727) 504-8649.

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