The Tampa Bay Times

Speckled sea trout are slowly starting to show up around the Pinellas point area. The low tides in the morning will cause higher concentrations of fish on the edges of sand bars and also in deep grass flats.  The nice thing about trout fishing, no live bait is needed.  I can leave the house with a few select artificial baits and my clients can have a great day of fishing. There are several lures out there that work great for sea trout.  I have narrowed down my selection over the years to a few favorites.  A red quarter ounce jig head with eyes painted on it, rigged with a soft plastic tail is my absolute favorite.  A heavier jig sinks to fast, a lighter jig you cannot cast as far, and so I have grown to like a quarter ounce jig head.  My choice of colors for tails is root beer, white, and chartreuse. The tail can be a shrimp look alike, eel type, paddle tail grub, or a minnow type with a swimming tail. Trout like to shake their head vigorously out of the water when they are hooked, so I will use super glue to keep the tail in place.  Top water plugs would be my next favorite.  These lures provide an impressive strike on the surface.  The only thing bad about top water, there are a lot of misses.  Fish will get lazy and not strike again if they miss the plug.  I like to remove the front treble hook on the lure; this will prevent it from snagging the main line and provide an easier release.  

Captain Rob Gorta