The Tampa Bay Times

Strong moving tides this week have set the stage for some excellent fishing for snook and tarpon. Inlets from Anclote to Clearwater pass in the northern part of the county are attracting large snook in droves and tarpon can be spotted slowly cruising along the beach at first light.

Being set up on the beach before the sun comes up has paid off for tarpon the last several days. Cast pinfish and threadfins in front of the schools as they approach mostly from the south right now. Once the sun is high and boat activity increases the tarpon haven’t been showing as well. Anchor up and keep fresh baits out in those same lanes that the fish were seen traveling earlier for a chance at more hook-ups.

Supermoon tides have lured the big snook to the passes. Target the strong part of the tide, either incoming or outgoing with free-lined grunts and pinfish around jetty points and sand shoal drop offs. The water has been very clear lately so lengthening and downsizing leaders has been needed to get the bites.

Night action along the bridge shadow lines has also been good. Anchoring up tide of the shadow line and free-line baits back to tarpon that can be seen busting bait on the surface.  Live ladyfish and mullet are the best baits for this type of fishing.

Capt. Tyson Wallerstein
Flats Monster Inshore Fishing
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