The Tampa Bay Times

Weekly cold fronts are real thing right now. As temperatures continue to plummet and then rebound until the next front comes through snook, trout, redfish and jack crevalle will all feed heavily during the right time of day and tidal periods.  

Expect Tampa Bay water temperatures to be in the high 60’s to low 70’s early in the day after this weekend’s cold front passes. Fish will slow their metabolism down during the overnight hours and during the first half of the day. As the water warms during peak sunlight hours it’s then that the fish will feed the most.  

Snook are beginning to stage in the creeks right now as they search for warmer water. Afternoon incoming tides are great times to work the many small creeks of Tampa Bay. Live pilchards pitched up to the mangroves will produce the best however soft plastics are easy to skip under the mangrove canopy and will also work very well.  

Redfish, trout and jacks are more tolerant to cold water than snook and can be found on the open flats during the lower tidal stages. Top-water plugs are a great search bait and will draw strikes and follows from the more aggressive fish in the area. Productive areas can then be worked slower with soft plastics. Adding scent or using baits infused with scent will up your chances especially early in the day.  

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