Inshore fishing has been off this past week with the cooler water temperatures. The snook will most likely wait to feed heavily again when the water temperatures get closer to the mid 70’s. Many of the larger females are patrolling the spoils islands through ought the Intercoastal. These big fish can be hard to fool this time of year but sometimes will slip up and eat a fresh cut piece of ladyfish laid out on the bottom.

                The full moon has the redfish bunching up in schools of fifty or more  along the no-motor zone flats. Look for the concentrations of mullet to indicate where to fish. The incoming tide continues to be the right time to fish. Follow these schools of mullet as they work their way onto the flats. Gold spoons and weed less soft-plastics in the glitter gold color scheme have been working well. Also Adding a bit of scent to the plastics has helped to get the fish to commit to the bait a little better this week.

                Spanish Mackerel are beginning to make their presence felt in the area. Deep grass areas inside the passes are holding huge concentrations of glass minnows and are attracting not only Spanish mackerel but ladyfish and trout too. The key has been finding the clean water, most areas north of Clearwater have stayed clean despite the wind. The bite hasn’t been hot by any means but given a couple days of better conditions this fishery is going to explode.

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Former baseball umpire, now fishing guide. Graduate of the University of Arizona.

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