Cutco is an American company making a first class product line in the garden tools, knives and place setting industry. They have become very popular items and most people have encountered their products at one time or another, which are made by a company that stands behind their products.

Cutco has a fillet knife that is called “The Fisherman’s Solution”. This tool has an extendable stainless blade with a Cam-lock (*TM) system that allows the user to use the knife at lengths of blade varying from six to nine inches. The knife is useful for filleting out a day’s catch or for on-the-boat uses like cutting baits or other needs during the actual fishing. The handle is available in black or high-vis orange and the knife comes with a sheath with a sharpening stone. The sheath only comes in black. The knife in the sheath can be used as a line cutting device and the stone can also be used to sharpen hooks.

The blade stays sharp for a long time but the stone being on the sheath, it is always available to put an even sharper edge on the blade.

Maintenance is easy. Like any gear I utilize around saltwater, I will try to give the knife and sheath a freshwater rinse after using out on the water. The Cam-lock feature is very handy and does not have problems with corrosion or any other issues. Other than sharpening as necessary, there is nothing required for upkeep of your fillet knife.

The Fisherman’s Solution sells for $79 but it is very durable and dependable and will provide great usage for many years. If this is a gift for someone special, Cutco does offer engraving on the blade. Guarantee? Absolutely, their guarantee and customer service department are exemplary.

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