The Daiwa Ballistic- Year Two

Two full seasons fishing the Ballistic as my everyday reel for my fishing charters and time comparing some notes with my maintenance man, Phil at Bay Area Reel Service, I can tell you that I have some interesting observations and ideas.   First impressions are often accurate but there is no replacement for experience.   I have a great deal more experience with this product since the time I wrote the Ballistic product review.

For Phil, the man who maintains every fishing reel I own, he thinks that working on this particular reel is a joy.    He has experience with all fishing reels and he really likely the simplicity of the Ballistic.   He has remarked on the durability but his job has been made a lot easier with this design the Daiwa company has created.

For me, the performance and durability of this reel is exceptional.    Prior to 2012, I was using the Daiwa reels but was using the Tierra and then Team Daiwa Advantage reels.    I am sold on the Ballistic and can honestly say that they are the greatest spinning reel I have ever owned.

“Business is good.   And people beat the h___ out of my equipment.”     All of my 2012 and 2013 Ballistic reels are still in action, no small feat considering the use (and abuse) they have endured.

A huge development- Early this year, when I was meeting up with Phil to get some reels back from him, he told me “The next time you have a reel starting to slow down on you, take out that bottom screw and shoot some oil up into there.”

So, I got the tool to remove that bottom screw (I call it a “hex tool”, kind of like an asterisk shape).   I used Silicone spray and utilized the tiny tube attachment.   With that hex screw removed and that tube attached, the tube will fit right in the screw hole.     I will spray until the liquid comes out around the handle.  Lock the screw back in place and wipe off the excess.   The reel will go right back to smooth functioning .

I have not given Phil another reel to service since he gave me this tip.    The reels will go back to sweet and smooth with the blast of lubrication.    This procedure does not replace the importance of periodic servicing of your reels but it will likely extend the amount of time before you have to have it done.   The actual process of blasting the spray into the reel will wear down the greases in the reel over time, so occasionally open your reel all the way up and re-apply the grease.

While I will look forward to trying other Daiwa products, I will likely stick with the Ballistic for a very long time.   I believe that if you choose this reel, you will feel the same way.

My original review on the Daiwa Ballistic

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2018:   The Ballistic remains the best reel I have ever used.   I still have 15 of them.

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