Daiwa Fuego 3000A


originally posted to Pro Angler’s Journal

Because I spend so much of my time fishing small soft plastics and finesse hard baits in pressured waters… I have found a real need for a reliable, light-weight, and sturdy saltwater spinning reel.  I finally discovered this need last fall when Daiwa sent me the new TD Fuego3000A spinning reel to be field tested.

I put the reel in the palm of my hand, and compared its remarkable light weight (9.2 oz.) to others I currently own in the same size/class; and instantly I knew I was going to like this new reel with the fiery name!  Having to make hundreds of casts requires a lot of stamina and energy especially when trying to generate ample rod speed to cast smaller lures greater distances… not to mention it’s a heck of lot less taxing physically on your hands and wrists.  Below are a few more features that set this reel apart from the competition!

The TD Fuego3000A reel body is constructed of a technologically advanced super carbon material called “Zaion” it gives the reel its feather-like weight yet it still has more tensile strength then aluminum or alloy bodied reels.  The robust “Zaion” body also protects some of the finest quality components available inside the Fuego including seven stainless steel ball-bearings, 4 CRBB (corrosion resistant), 3 SSBB, 1RB… the CRBB’s last up to 12 times longer than ordinary stainless steel ball bearings in saltwater!  Also, Daiwa’s Digi-Gear (digital gearing) feature ensures that the oversized, high strength gears mesh together perfectly for an exceptionally smooth, efficient retrieve with greater cranking power.  The ultra light-weight construction and superior corrosion resistance will no doubt be popular with many kayak and wade fishing enthusiasts.

Some other attributes worth mentioning about the TD Fuego3000A, include Daiwa’s Advanced Locomotive Level wind which cross wraps line precisely on the spool upon retrieve (also minimizing line twist) that along with Daiwa’s forward tapered machined aluminum ABS spool… allow for super long trouble-free casts.  In addition, the TD Fuego3000A also boasts a silky smooth drag with a micro-click adjustment that consistently delivers just the right amount of fish-stopping pressure (up to a 15.4lb. drag max.) and the sealed drag design allows the drag to stay bone dry at all times.  Vital elements when angling for over-sized spooky redfish in clear shallow water!

The overall design of the TD Fuego3000A allows anglers to wash/rinse it without driving salt crystals inside the reel body… the reel drains and sheds water exceptionally well.  The 4.8:1 gear ratio picks up 31” of line per handle turn and Fuego’s large arbor spool allows anglers to pack on plenty of line (8/240, 10/200, 12/170)… important for hard running species.  In my opinion, this reel will probably replace my need for the Daiwa Sol spinning reel which I loved for fishing finesse lures in the past… but this new Daiwa TD Fuego3000A takes lure fishing to whole another level!

Experience the difference yourself and you’ll soon find that the Fuego needs to be your next spinning reel purchase.  Pick one up at your local authorized Daiwa dealer or just order the new Daiwa TD Fuego3000A online at www.fishingtacklegiant.com .

Keep’em Bent

Captain CA Richardson