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Branching out in the Daiwa world, I have my established favorites in the product line. The Daiwa brand is winning on total package choices on performance and durability. Price points on various reels are choices that are up to you. The Ballistic is a level up and a fantastic choice for anyone. The Mag Seal for the 2015 Ballistic is a real winner.

The Lexa I have enjoyed for a few years now. Like other Daiwa products, the performance and durability has been excellent. Every reel I have had since I first got them is still in use.

The Lexa reel is what I would call a “starting point” price point. Again, on durability, if you take halfway decent care of your equipment the Lexa will go a long way for you.

I like the size “2500” for all purposes. For my client use, the Lexa has been a smooth reel and has been instrumental in beating many large fish.

I have had no problem with exterior corrosion or other issues. With heavy use the exterior will see some scuffing of the finish. The reels take the braided line without issues. Expect years of use out of a very reasonable priced reel.

Everyone should have a good servicing technician. Mine is, a man named Phil Marz. If you are in the Tampa Bay area, utilize Phil. You can also find certified Daiwa repair shops for your area.

Lexa® Spinning Reels

LEXA offers a full family of sizes for virtually any type of fishing from ultralight freshwater to saltwater.

Matches perfectly with New LEXA Spinning Rods.
Lexa® Spinning Reels Feature:

• Aluminum Alloy “HardBodyz®” construction
• Felt-sealed body
• Strong, lightweight Air Rotor
• 5 Bearing System (4BB + 1 RB)
• Digigear™ digital gear design
• Air Bail® of lightweight, hollow stainless
• Infinite Anti-Reverse
• Micro-click front drag adjustment
• ABS Aluminum Spool
• Twist Buster II line twist reduction
• Advanced Locomotive Levelwind for precise, even line winding
• Lifetime® Bail Spring

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