The Maryland guys:  They didn’t kill it while they were here.  They caught fish but we never got on them big in their four days trying.   The weather didn’t help.     We fished post cold front on Sunday.     That front was a good one.    Morning rain:  That’s the most water I have ever seen at my house.   The front yard was a lake.   A one day postponement for Brian, we got out there and it was BAD.     For four hours, just absolutely slow.    Then it picked up.   Lots of fish.   Big fish.    Some days are like that.   You wait and keep trying it eventually happens.

This winter, possibly shaping up like 1997.     El Nino in the Pacific, 1997 was the wildest weather I have ever lived through.     This year might be very similar.   I like the rain.    The next front is supposed to be like the last one.    They are scheduled every six days on the forecast.    Stormy fronts.

The book progress, way slower than it should be.    The next ones I will handle completely myself.   This company I hired:  They’re showing a lack of competence.   They’re going to get it done but I am going to have to watch them close.    It should have been done two weeks ago.      Then:  Sales to pay for it.     I should be hours from having the file to the printer.   But.   With this company that could mean three more days.

Which is more likely:  Bigfoot or aliens in spacecraft?    I spent part of every day watching shows about one or the other.    Having seen neither, I guess I’m just a bystander.      I think if Bigfoot existed he would be around more.    It would be obvious that he is real.     Aliens in spacecraft to me is actually more likely.    Have they been here yet?   That’s the one I would argue that they haven’t.    I would argue that they exist but like Bigfoot, if aliens in spacecraft had been here it would have been a big event.    More likely:   An alien, Bigfoot and Stormy Daniels having lunch.    That I could see happening.

I still don’t understand transexual issues.    Changing your gender?    Weird.

Book #2 is complete and I will send that to print in early 2019.    “Fishing Tampa Bay.”    I have it done and I have to select the photos for that one.     Book #3 is going to be down the road a ways.   I have some more ideas for development, but it is actually pretty close to being done too.     A fourth book is possible, if not likely.

The deck complete:  Firepit has been used.   I’m looking for more firewood.   I found a place to buy it but I figure I’ll find free wood somewhere.    My youth, we brought our own firewood home from the mountains.    I need to get the roof extension over the deck.   I’m adding chairs and the deck is the future home of Kayak Fishing Skool and the Academy.

Motion sensor lights went in.    Lighting is right:  Ready to entertain.    The firepit is ready.   A charcoal grill will be added next to the gas grill.    The upcoming projects are that roof and a door from the inside of the house to the deck.

It has happened again.  Death.    Life no more for Tim Tomlinson.   Tim was two years behind me in high school.    A funny guy.   Honestly, one of the best golfers I have ever seen.     From what I gathered, Tim had led a hard life recently.    That’s all I’ll say.    It was a shock to hear.     How good he was at hitting a golf ball was worth staying alive if you ask me.      Our mutual friend John golfed with him recently.    John was on our state championship golf team.    Tim beat him.     John was our ace.    I’d fallen out from contact with all those guys.    A shame I’ll never talk to him again.     And younger to boot.   Harder for John because they still hung out, this one is pretty sad for anyone that knew him.

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