December arrives.     Winter weather arrives.    The schedule, kind of light compared to years past.   Where is everyone who wants to catch fish?   As the owner of this web site, I keep up with things.   The site is being nominated for different awards.   No question, there is great content here.    This edition, I’m going to talk about fishing charters.    Ahead of the last front:  The best trout fishing of the year.    Per the usual, big trout for the start of winter.

The fishing charter, not always utilized by people.   The ones who do can tell you about the benefit.    I am a guide, in my 13th year doing this.    When you go with a guide you learn a great deal.   You learn about the location you go that day.    What else you learn has everything to do with what you express to your guide.     I specialize in kayak fishing.     Kayak fishing guides seem to come and go.    I’ve been around longer than anyone else.    With the way I do it there is no “live bait.”    If you want to use live bait you can.    That’s your choice.    To me, kayak fishing should be about using artificial lures.   Eliminating live bait eliminates headaches.

Learning lures:   You get to be more skilled.    More skilled you will end up catching more fish.    I give those lessons.     A big lesson is:  I have now taught you how to do it.  When you go on your own can you be as successful as the day you went with me?      That has everything to do with going to the right locations.    When you are with me you are going to be in the right locations.   I know them.    It is automatic.      When you go you have 1000 choices for every location you go.    Are you getting to the right spots for success.   That too, I teach.    What to look for.    The right terrain.

Express your desires.   What do you want to do out there?     A charter is an investment.   If you choose the right thing, your future in fishing should be much better because of what you do on the day of a fishing charter.    What I teach has great value.    What you take from it IS the value.   My niche is Kayak Fishing.    If you want to learn and be best at kayak fishing, I am a good one to hire.     Not bragging, that’s just the way it is.

The action has been good but likely to explode with this change in weather.   Water temperatures will reach an ideal level.     The bump up in action for big trout was significant ahead of the last front.

Off the water:   Books.     The first two of three will publish early in 2018.     The first, “Kayak Fishing” will be the most complete book on the sport ever published.     The second will be an amusing one.   Funny fishing stories and other tidbits.   I want them to be right.   These have been major editing projects.    I have gone cross-eyed looking at these files.

Getting my life back, I am house hunting again.    A stint in Lakeland, I am ready to be back on the coast permanently.    Once done, I may even get a dog.   My hope:  This is my final move.

Still out there:  Pompano teasers.   I actually ran out of hooks but I have over 12,000 of these.     I need more buyers.     With 5000 more hooks coming, people need to be buying these.     It is actually kind of funny:  Companies that should be buying them are getting them from China at a price that I can’t match.   But apples to oranges, they would be better off buying a quality product from me.     The holiday season, these could be bought as a gift.     $1 each, you get 20 of these for someone they would be set for six months.    Pompano are a huge target with these.    But they catch almost everything.

Another gift idea, the gift of a kayak fishing charter.     I’ve had people coming to me for these on their own.     I am a teacher.    Someone goes on a trip with me they are a better fisherman the rest of their lives.

Strike Three Kayak Fishing needs an overhaul.    You wouldn’t believe the obstacles I’ve hit trying to move this site.     These companies don’t speak on peoples’ level.     I am a major web site owner and I can’t figure out what they are talking about most of the time.    Be assured, that site will move and it will be restored to how it is supposed to be. has been upgraded.     If you haven’t visited the site in a while, take a look.  I am very proud of the site.     The upgrade makes it work like it did years ago.   With growth, the site slowed.    In the future:  New contributors.

Kayak fishing Skool resumes in January.   The 8th Avenue Pub in Safety Harbor has been well taken and we will continue to hold it there.

In development, the resurrection of the Kayak Fishing Academy.     The new host location will be Osprey Bay Outdoors in Clearwater.   A $30 seminar, three and a half hours long, this is the most complete seminar I do.   We have talked about having this quarterly.   With promotion in the store, that is feasible.

Strike Three Kayak fishing will continue the same into 2018.     Things should actually get even more interesting.

Neil Taylor

Owner,;  owner and guide Strike Three Kayak Fishing

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